About Us

The Polish Association of Oil Producers is a sector organisation representing oilseed processing industry in Poland that brings together all the leading fat industry  players.



The Mission of the Polish Association of Oil Producers is by acting to establish conditions for competitive development of the Polish oilseed industry.



The Polish Association of Oil Producers (PSPO) was established on 8 March 2007 in Poznan, upon consent of the founding members' convention. Among the founding members there are all representatives of the leading oilseed crushing companies from Poland. The convention approved the Statutes and elected Management and Audit Committee. On 8 May 2007, the Association was registered at the National Registry Court under the following entry: KRS 00002801131.


Position in market

The oil-companies actually gathered in The Polish Association of Oil Producers crushed ca. 3,28 Mio tons of rapeseed in 2021 (~95% of all the domestic crushing) and therefore account for:

  • ca. 1320 tsnd tons of rape oil,
  • ca. 1,934 Mio tons of rape meal and rapeseed press-cakes.



The aim of the Association is to build favourable conditions for competitive development of the Polish oilseed industry, this to be achieved through:

  • presenting position of all the members on key sector issues in the Polish and European lobby;
  • working out and harmonisation of commercial and quality standards for all oilseeds,  vegetable oils and meal/ press-cake; 
  • promoting and implementing high quality standards and oilseed production and processing (rapeseed cultivation, harvesting, drying and storing);
  • promoting domestic rapeseed production and other oilseed plat to obtain appropriate balance in supply of the seeds for consumption, energy, feeding and other applications;
  • promoting health and nutrition standards for rape oil as valuable food ingredient;
  • promoting rape meal/press-cake application as optimal resource at animal nutrition;
  • supplying scientific and economy information and monitoring legislative developments in oil production, seeking innovations to support further development of oilseed production;
  • reviewing and giving statements on legislative papers in the domestic and European environment in respect of rapeseed cultivation and processing, production of vegetable oils and meal/ press-cake;
  • integration of all operators in oilseed and vegetable oil production sectors;
  • cooperation with farmer organisations;
  • representing members of the Association in contacts with farmer organisations as well as other bodies and associations;
  • active membership in FEDIOL, with head-office in Brussels, as well as participation in other international initiatives focused on oilseed and vegetable oil 


Legal Framework

Our Association acts upon provisions of Legislative Act of 7 April 1989 - the Associations Bill (Journal of Laws of 2001,  No 79,  Sec. 855  with further amendments.)  and the Statutes of the Association.

We act on professional basis, with full respect to rights of other operating units within the sector industry and we support a business operating at high ethical standard and under fair competition.